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 01.   Meeting templates.


Explore, pick, create, meeting templates. Let our custom templates inspire your next meetings. It’s so easy to take one of our templates and make it yours. Why starting from scratch?

 Template gallery 

 Personal templates 

 Teams template 

 02.   Blocks design.



Reports are built with blocks. Everything in Tony is a "block". A text block, Voice notes block, and many others. Add block using the Add menu   +  . Any block can be dragged and dropped around the Report.

Blocks list.

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 03.   Advanced editor.



Edit and Format your docs. Tony is as simple as any word processor but we integrated more advanced features to let you format simple text into great content.

All Formats

 04.   Real-time notes.


AI notes visual.png

Get automated live meeting notes. Dedicated to longer conversations Tony records and takes your notes in +80 languages. Capture key information, ideas from your teammates, or a do conversation sum-up directly in your report.

AI note.png

super powers

 05.   AI conversation analysis.


Get key information from conversation directly into your report with highlights. It's simple and fast. Tony analyse as well key topics to help you get the most data out of your conversations.

 06.   Integrations.


Export your reports to your teammates, clients, ... or your favorite apps. Soon Tony will connect to your favorite apps. You will be able to share reports with a link.

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