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Easy to access & stunning reports Tony makes any conversation outputs standout.

from templates.

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Explore, Pick,
Create, Templates

Let our custom templates inspire your next reports. It’s so easy to take one of our templates and make it yours. Why starting from scratch?

your meeting.

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Add Blocks

Create reports with blocks. Everything in Tony is a "block". Add Text blocks, Voice blocks, and many others well designed blocks to build stunning reports.


Write & Edit

Edit and Format your reports. It is as simple as any word processor but we integrated more advanced features to let you add many different types of content.



Get Live notes

Get automated live meeting notes. Dedicated to longer conversations Tony records and takes your notes in +80 languages.

your report.


Record a voice

Use your voice. Sometimes, your voice says it all. With just one click you can record a Voice. Perfect for a conversation summary or for adding longer content to your reports.

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Work async

Why scheduling and meet with your teammates when you can sync without spending ours in meetings?
Drop the important info in a voice and translate it in your interlocutors' language all at once.
Face to face or remote doesn't matter when your are synced with your teammates, clients, interlocutors.

your report.

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Share & Export

Export your reports to your teammates, clients, ... or your favorite apps.
Soon Tony will connect to your favorite apps. You will be able to share reports with a link.

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Security & Privacy

Our team set the highest standards for truly respecting your privacy and professional life. We engage with our users in a relationship of trust based on transparency.

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