Generate meeting report

A meeting assistant who takes notes and generates the final report. With Tony, reduce busywork and increase your productivity.


Transcribe as you need

Say goodbye to handwriting notes! Focus on the conversation and Tony takes care of the rest. Get ready to be the leader!

Live meeting notes

Generate time-stamped notes for meetings, phone calls, conferences, interviews and any voice conversation.

Multilingual understanding

Tony speaks French English Spanish and more. He's not picky with the accent.

Live translation

Having troubles understanding your foreign teammates, partners, clients, ... ask Tony to translate the meeting.

Summarize in an instant

Tony Door highlights the key points and gets future brief ready. Condense your hour-long meeting report in a few seconds. With Tony, get your kids out of school on time.

Save time and money

On average, a meeting report cost 35€ per employee. Thanks to Tony, it's only about seconds and only 29€ per month.

Follow-up action items

While running meetings, Tony captures essential action items and tasks. Simply assign them to team members.


Share, organize and coordinate. Tony improves your communication and flows with your team.

Autolearning from your inputs

With strong machine learning skills, Tony learns to help you better. It's new relationship between you and your new meeting assistant.

Data Studio

Track meeting data and activity. Get advises to boost soft skills and enhance productivity.

Simple Dashboard

Understand how customers and employees are really experiencing meetings without drowning in complex data.

Meeting Coach

Tony provides personalized advises and helps you keep track of the meeting flow.
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Secure sensitive data

Tony Door offers unmatched expertise to ensure a high level of security and compliance.

Privacy First

Tony Door only collects what's he needs. We don't sell data to third party services.

Data Security

We encrypt your data at rest, including emails, calendar events and other personally identifiable metadata. We use a 256-bit AES encryption in storage and a 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption in transit.

GDPR Compliant

Tony Door will take and maintain all appropriate measures, and in particular the proper technical and organisational measures, to protect the safety and keep confidential the personal data.

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Tony Door is exactly what our business has been lacking. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! The very best.
Bruno D. - Chief Executive Officer
Tony Door makes it easy to send notes and meeting recaps to associate who couldn't attend. It's made our delivery operation drastically more efficient.
Sandra T. - Chief Innovation Officer

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