Goodbye to the clunky handwritten notes

Follow up meeting has never been so easy and convenient. You won't have a hand pain anymore.

Live meeting notes

Tony generates time-stamped notes for meetings, web calls, conferences, interviews or any voice conversation.

Multilingual understanding

Tony speaks English, French, Spanish and more than 80 other languages and dialects. He's not picky with the accent.

Live translation

Having troubles understanding your foreign teammates, partners, clients, ... ask Tony to translate the meeting.

Live Meeting Notes

Run a professional meeting and enjoy how Tony Door turns conversations into text in real-time. Thanks to its wide knowledge, Tony understands a broad diversity of sectors & specific terminology.

Audio recording

Tony records your meeting audio and saves it. That way you won't miss a bit.
Everything is centralized on our platform. Say goodbye to weary file management.

Time-Stamped Notes

Get easy-to-read meeting notes. Tony creates a timestamp for each interaction to allow easy tracking in the original recording.

Multiple Languages

Working in a multicultural environment, Tony understands more than 80 languages and dialects. He can also translate meetings in real-time.
With Tony, break the language barrier!

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