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Tony is the ultimate conversational assistant automating meeting busywork and boosting teams productivity.


Project teams

Tony helps delivery teams and project managers collaborate and communicate efficiently. Keeping the project on track, reducing delivery frictions, avoiding endless meetings to increse teams' accountability.

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Sales teams

Tony improves sales team collaboration.
Capturing leads & clients insight faster. Enriching CRM & reducing time to close, Tony helps sales focusing on closing deals.

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Founders teams

Tony helps founders to jumpstart their startup project through all key conversations with their co-founders and teammates, early adopters, first customers, angels, and VCs.

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Product & UX teams  soon 

We are working with Product-UX teams to boost their meetings' impact from brainstorming ideas or capturing user insights to collaborating with stakeholders and delevering innovative products in less time.

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Consulting teams  soon 

We are working with Consulting teams to boost their interaction with client companies from project identification, workshops to project delivery and closing.

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