Tony helps founders to jumpstart their startup project, backing during key conversations with their co-founders and teammates, early adopters, first customers, angels, and VCs. Increasing founders' insights, defining next steps, avoiding delivery frictions, and cutting time to market.

High performing startup teams run productive meetings.
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From productive meetings to amazing execution
for your and your team.

Don't waste time for meetings, 1o1s, or calls

Prepare your meetings from templates we created with successfull founders for roadmap calls, customer interviews, internal 1o1, pitch deck, and more!

Leverage every minute during discussions

Gain insights! Record conversation, automate meeting notes & identify key information. With Tony, you won't miss a bit. Allowing you and your team to capture opportunities, ideas, and feedback,...

Unlock yours and your team's potential

Boost teamwork, and increase accountability with sync & async collaboration. With Tony, your team can share ideas, brainstorm, and define objectives and plans of action in no time.

Easely set & track milestones

Growth is all about setting the right goals at the right time to your team. Break down bigger goals into action plans thanks to action items that will motivate the team to stay on track to hit them.

Get your team on the same page

Tony lets you create docs & reports in seconds. Summarize and format the key aspects of a conversation to keep your team aligned.

Ease reporting to stakeholders

Never forget about key informations, up-coming deadline. Communicate progress & setback to teammates and stakeholder.

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 Step 1 
Choose a template

Select from our template gallery or customize your own report templates.

 Step 2 
Record & capture key information

Why type notes, ideas or thoughts when you can just Record, speak and let Tony do the job. It's so much faster try it out.

 Step 3 
Complete your report in no time

Reports are built with blocks. Everything in Tony is a "block". A text block, Voice notes block, and many others.

 Step 4 
Share & Export Reports

Tony connects with your favorite tools. Sharing and Exporting reports takes 2 clicks.

Loved from Founders


God bless you. I've been looking so long for a product like Tony. The Live Translation is breathtaking. It got so much precision it's so helpful to gather market insights during lead and users interviews. I'm so happy to have been introduced to Tony!

Romain - Founder.

Before Tony, only a third of our sales meetings came out with a report. Tony Door makes it easy to take notes, create meeting recaps and briefs to share them with teammates, and enrich our CRM. It's making our delivery operation drastically more efficient.

Laura D. - Head of Sales.

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Apply to our startup program!
Startups can apply to get up to $500 in credit
for their team, so that you can start for free.