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It is simple as any word processor but we integrated more advanced features to let you add many different types of content.


Basic editing

Simple and efficient.

Magic toolbar

An edition toolbar appears automagically on empty lines to let you format with a simple click.

 H1   H2   H3   Bullet   Ordered   To-do   Toggle   Quote   Mention 


Add headings to your reports and notes to improve readability.

  •  H1  : The largest heading.

  •  H2  : The medium-sized heading.

  •  H3  : The smallest heading.


Add lists in your reports. Everyone knows that everything looks more clear with lists.

  •  Bullet  adding structure to you content.
    Shortcut:  - + space .

  •  Ordered  your content and automatically generate the next number.
    Shortcut:  123... + . + space .

  •  To-Do  checkboxes for tasks items and to-do lists.

Text & Background colors

Change the text & background colors to make important parts of your report stand out.

Advanced editing

Special formats to fit every conversation into each report.

Toggle list

Toggles let you nest text in a box. You can open or close them.

  •  Toggle  is great to show and hide content.


Adding a Quote creates special format to break verbatims out from the rest of your reports.

  •  Quote  is great to show a verbatim captured from a conversation.

Mentions & Links

Give you the power to collaborate efficiently. Ping people in your team and add links.

  •  Mention  is great to get the attention of someone else in your team.
    Shortcut:  @ 

  •  Link  adds an in-line link to websites in your report.


Creates a thin gray line to break up your notes into sections.

    Shortcut:  --- 

Emojis 🤩

Because everything is better with emojis, we intergrated a lot of them in our emoji picker.

    Shortcut:  : 


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