Conversation settings

Change notes languages and mics to record a conversation or a voice.


Voice settings

Stop typing, use your voice!

Change voice Language

Speaking multiple languages? Tony got you covered speaking +80 languages.

  • Hit  🌐  to open language menuChange the spoken language and hit  Save .
  • Change default languageOpen your account to change the default language in the personnal information section.

Change mic setting

Changing from your laptop microphone to internal audio capture.
Hit the   Audio input   button. Choose between:

  • Laptop microphone 🎙️
  • Perfect for recording in the same room.
  • Internal audio ⏺️
  • Record online meeting and/or in-room conversations.

Translated voice

Speak in one language, Tony write in multiple ones!

Turn on translation

Let Tony translate your voice notes into +80 languages. Now collaborating with multilingual teammates is so easy.

  • Hit  🌐  to open the language menu
    • Select the spoken language.
    • Turn on the Live Translation and select thedesired translation language(s).
  • Click on  Save . Hit  Record 


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